bamix® cordless

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bamix® cordless - the cordless kitchen revolution that provides unprecedented freedom and fantastic flexibility in the kitchen. With its super-strong battery, the bamix® cordless is also at home in outdoor kitchens and even when barbecuing, hiking and camping. You can't get more freedom than that.
Color: black

cordless freedom

The bamix® cordless increases the mobility of the entire bamix® family and also supports the familiar attachments, knife variants and other accessories.

Just one button away

The world's smallest mobile all-in-one food processor provides effortless blending, chopping, emulsifying, grating and pulverizing. Experience an unprecedented bamix® experience when preparing your favorite dishes with the new bamix® cordless. Whether it's soups, smoothies or sauces - your bamix® will support you!

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Product specification

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bamix® cordless
bamix® cordless Sale price€286,80 Regular price€394,80

Two speed switches
Level 1: 8'000 rpm
Level 2: 14'000 rpm


Shaft length: 13.5 cm
Immersion depth: 21.85 cm
Overall length: 34.00 cm


1.138 kg