bamix® BBQ

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Even the strongest men will fall for this, because the bamix® "BBQ" set leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. In no time at all, the bamix® "BBQ" powerfully and efficiently chops, minces, mashes or whisks ingredients for marinades, dips, dressings and much more.
Color: black
Power: 200W

Fire and flame for pure pleasure

Whatever goes on the grill is accompanied by spicy trimmings. So that it can be prepared quickly, the bamix® BBQ is available in stylish black with a wide range of accessories. With its durable, powerful AC motor "Made in Switzerland", it purees, chops and minces all ingredients, from avocado for delicious guacamole to onions for dressings and dips. The spiral cable can be extended up to approx. 160 cm and thus ensures freedom of movement during preparation.

Facts, figures and more

Product specification

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bamix® BBQ
bamix® BBQ Sale price€298,80



Two speed switches
Level 1: 13'000 rpm
Level 2: 18'000 rpm


Shaft length: 13.5 cm
Immersion depth: 21.85 cm
Overall length: 34.00 cm




General device warranty: 2 years / Motor: Lifetime