bamix® Classic

Sale price€142,80

Color: anthracite
Power: 140W

Fashionable accents in the kitchen

bamix® Classic - impresses with its timeless design and colorful variants. Whether in the school kitchen or in your design kitchen, the bamix® Classic sets unmistakable accents. The easy handling of this blender makes working in the kitchen a real experience. Creams, a mousse, whipped cream or tasty soups are prepared in no time with the handy bamix® Classic.

Facts, figures and more

Product specification

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bamix® Classic
bamix® Classic Sale price€142,80



Two speed switches
Level 1: 10'000 rpm
Level 2: 16'000 rpm


Shaft length: 13.5 cm
Immersion depth: 21.85 cm
Overall length: 34.00 cm




General device warranty: 2 years / Motor: Lifetime