bamix® MAXX

Sale price€286,80

With your bamix® MAXX and its accessories you can puree, whisk, mix, chop and mince.
Color: black
Power: 350W
Limited compatibility

Due to the high power of the bamix® MAXX, you can only use the bamix® Processor, bamix® Grinder and bamix® SliceSy® to a limited extent.

Our power pack in standard design

Cooking is now even more fun with this powerful kitchen gadget. It is powerful and effective for pureeing vegetables or cooked meat for soups and sauces, chopping fresh and frozen fruits and berries for desserts, pureeing jams or delicious fruit ice cream and sorbets. Healthy and freshly prepared baby food always works best. Even ice cubes for cold drinks and cocktails this hand blender crushes effortlessly with the multi-purpose blade.

Facts, figures and more

Product specification

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bamix® MAXX
bamix® MAXX Sale price€286,80



Two speed switches
Level 1: 18'000 rpm
Level 2: 22'000 rpm


Shaft length: 13.5 cm
Immersion depth: 21.85 cm
Overall length: 34.00 cm




General device warranty: 2 years / Motor: Lifetime