bamix® Multi-Purpose Blade

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It wouldn't be a bamix® without the bamix® Multi-Purpose Blade

The unique Multi-Purpose Blade from bamix® is characterized by its innovative design. Powerful and efficient, it can be used to puree vegetables or cooked meat for soups, for sauces, to chop fresh and frozen fruits and berries for desserts, to puree jam or for tasty fruit ice cream and sorbets. Healthy and freshly prepared baby food always succeeds. The bamix® even chops ice cubes for cold drinks and cocktails effortlessly with the multi-blade.

The attachment part made of knife steel is almost indestructible. Suitable for all bamix® bamix® immersion stick blender. No matter how old your device is, even a bamix® from grandma's time can be brought back to shape with the multi-blade, should the old blade ever be gone.