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The bamix® cordless


Our History

The bamix® of Switzerland lifetime motor guarantee covers all appliances manufactured after 1 January 2020. This guarantee ensures the performance and functionality of the motor for the entire lifetime of the product, provided that the product is used and maintained properly. This guarantee emphasises bamix®'s commitment to the quality and durability of its products.

Sustainability with value

bamix® of Switzerland is strongly committed to sustainability, in particular through the high repairability of its products and short production routes. The company attaches great importance to ensuring that its appliances have a long service life and are easy to repair, thereby making an important contribution to reducing electronic waste. In addition, bamix® benefits from short production routes and a nearby supply chain catchment area, which significantly reduces the environmental footprint of its manufacturing processes.

Swiss manufacture

bamix® of Switzerland prides itself on its artisanal 'Manufaktur' ethos, handcrafting each hand blender in Switzerland to uphold exceptional quality. Embracing traditional craftsmanship, bamix® guarantees durable and high-performing products that reflect its rich heritage and meticulous Swiss precision.