This is what we stand for

Our values

Quality and durability

Our products are 100% manufactured in Switzerland. We make sure that our suppliers are from Switzerland and that we keep the procurement routes as short as possible. Our products are processed by hand in our factory and tested in several stages for best quality; we guarantee longevity and a sustainable and resource-saving production.

Power, precision and performance

The heart of every bamix® is the AC motor. It is very efficient, unique and exceptionally powerful. That's why we are the preferred food processor for professionals and chefs. Our AC motor, developed and produced in-house, comes with a lifetime warranty.

Versatility in use

bamix® is not just a hand blender, it is the smallest kitchen machine in the world. The various attachments and tools allow it to be used in almost any kitchen area. With a wide variety of recipes and applications from all over the world, we inspire our customers with new ideas. We enjoy a large fan base and continue to link them around the world to ensure that our bamix® family continues to grow.